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Carnivorous Plant Themed Weekly Planner

An educational teaching resource from Sheltered Language Resources entitled Carnivorous Plant Themed Weekly Planner downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

The Carnivorous Plant Themed Weekly Planner

The Carnivorous Plant Themed Weekly Planner is a practical tool developed with a teacher perspective in mind that uses colorful, carnivorous plant-themed imagery. Here's what this resource offers:

  • Facilitates teachers in recording the primary theme for the week based on their curriculum.
  • Promotes vocabulary learning by encouraging educators to select one vocabulary word each day for explicit teaching.
  • Enables them to plan ahead by Including space for daily activities - outlining one primary and secondary activity per day, thereby aiding time management.

Resource Utilization Highlight

This planner pays special attention to resource utilization encompassing both digital and tangible ones. A platform where educators can list down anything they need to teach engaging lessons – right there on their planner!

Printing Suggestions

If you wish to retain its vibrant thematic aesthetics, print it out on cardstock material! This printed version becomes an ideal aide-memoir when clipped onto your clipboard during regular school days.

Homeschooling? We've got you covered!

Homeschoolers would also find its vibrant themes attractive – integrating such rare botanical visuals may spark curiosity among young learners about these unusual flora!

Note: Printing options are left up-to user discretion; but for best results colour printouts on cardstock paper is recommended!

What's Included

1 PDF file.

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