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Cats by Seymour Simon Interactive Read-Aloud Activities

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Grade 2, 3, 4



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About This Product

This picture book companion is a complete supplemental resource for the book Cats by Seymour Simon.

With 30 print-and-go reading activities to choose from, this resource is ideal for customizing learning to your student's specific needs and academic abilities. Students will apply listening and note-taking skills, investigate different breeds of cats, compare & contrast, make inferences and connections, learn and apply new vocabulary, determine main ideas and supporting details, answer questions that require them to think beyond the text, and much more!

Students will love the engaging and fun activities, and you will appreciate the time saved hunting for high-level resources to teach reading concepts that students frequently struggle with. The activities provided are designed to enable students to apply higher-level thinking skills, encourage them to provide text evidence to support their thinking, and challenge them to express their own thoughts and/or perspectives.

⭐️This Resource Includes:⭐️

  • Making Predictions: Before reading the book, students will make predictions about the text.

  • Who Am I?: Students will match the words in the word bank to the descriptions and draw & color a picture of each cat (ANSWER KEY INCLUDED).

  • Word Scramble: Students use the details from the book to unscramble the words (ANSWER KEY INCLUDED).

  • Fact or Fiction: Students determine whether the details are facts from the story or made-up (ANSWER KEY INCLUDED).

  • True or False (bubble answers ONLY): Students read the details and determine if they are true or false (ANSWER KEY INCLUDED).

  • True or False (bubble answers & correcting the false details): Students determine if the details are true or false and rewrite the false statements to make them true (ANSWER KEY INCLUDED).

  • Main Idea & Details: Students read the main ideas and fill in the missing supporting details (ANSWER KEY INCLUDED).

  • Thinking About the Text: Students will answer the questions about the story & include examples from the text to support their answers.

  • Cat ABCs: Students write words or phrases that begin with each letter of the alphabet to show what they learned about cats.

  • 2 - Crossword Puzzles: Students use the clues and the word bank to fill in the crossword puzzle (ANSWER KEYS INCLUDED).

  • Word Search Puzzle: Students use the clues to fill in the puzzle. Words can go across or down. Letters are shared when the words intersect (ANSWER KEY INCLUDED).

  • Compare & Contrast: Students compare and contrast cats and dogs.

  • Text Organization: Students take note of how the author organized and presented the information about cats on the selected pages given. Then, they determine the main idea, supporting details, and text structure the author used to organize the information.

  • A Cat's Five Senses: Students will write facts and descriptions for each of the cat's five senses (ANSWER KEY INCLUDED).

  • All About Cats Flipbook: While reading or listening to the story, students will take notes in their flipbooks. This activity includes 6 pages (ANSWER KEY included).

  • Book Review: Students will rate and review the book.

  • My New Pet Cat Brochure: Students will create a brochure with information about their new pet cat. Two template options are included. The first template includes questions for students to answer, while the second template is blank so students can fill in their own information.

  • Long Research Project on Cats: Students conduct research to learn more about cats and complete graphic organizers, which include answering questions, drawing and labeling an illustration, recording fun facts, defining and illustrating new vocabulary, and completing a summary report.

  • One-Page Research Project on Cats: Students conduct research to learn more about cats and complete a one-page report with facts regarding the habitat, features, diet, movement, and interesting facts.

  • Cat Roll & Research: Students roll a die to see which cat they will research to learn more about. Then, they conduct research using teacher-approved websites and informational texts to look for information to answer the provided questions.

This resource is for extension read-aloud activities only. The book is not included.

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