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Causes of the Revolutionary War Reading Packet + Distance Learning

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Grade 4



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About This Product

The Causes of the Revolutionary War Reading Packet is an informative resource that dives into the origins of the Revolutionary War. Students will read a passage outlining key events, people, and ideas that contributed to the American colonists' break with Britain. It includes multiple choice questions, graphic organizers, and short answer activities that allow learners to reflect on their knowledge. Educators can implement this as whole group instruction, small group discussion, or as an independent assignment. With print-and-go convenience and digital formats for distance learning, this reading packet suits various teaching contexts in grade 4 social studies or reading classes. Answer keys are provided to support student learning. Overall, an engaging way to build students' understanding of the American Revolutionary War.

What's Included

1 PDF with 10 ready to print pages

2 Google Slides links

Resource Tags

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