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Celebrity Book Club: Create a New Novel Cover

Celebrity Book Club: Create a New Novel Cover
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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10





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About This Product

Celebrity Book Club: Create a New Novel Cover

This interactive and engaging teaching material is designed for students from grade 5 to grade 10. It integrates the popular culture of social media influencers into a learning experience, guiding students through contemporary novel studies while encouraging creativity in designing new book covers.

Goals and Approach:

  • The primary goal of this activity is to explore the themes and context of the chosen novel.
  • Students are encouraged to channel their favorite influencer or celebrity persona as they delve into understanding their respective books. The fun role-play approach makes learning feel more enjoyable!


In classrooms that may not welcome social media, an alternative version titled 'Celebrity Book Club' is included within this resource. This version enables participants to promote their selected book by creating appealing messages intended for hypothetical fans.

It allows teachers complete flexibility over its implementation - be it inspiring in-class group discussions or assigning personal homework projects for individual evaluation.

Educational Significance:

  • The exercise enriches language arts lessons by fostering curiosity about literature among young learners while reinforcing writing skills as they craft influential book promotions.
The product comes in PDF format ensuring compatibility across different devices - which could be either projected on a screen for activities involving the whole class or used during quiet study sessions on personal computers/tablets. Creativity meets Education!
Through Celebrity Book Club: Create a New Novel Cover, creative thought processes are invoked along with applied theoretical knowledge establishing an innovative education-leisure balance!

What's Included

1 PDF for the materials.

Resource Tags

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