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Change - Convert - Metric Length Digital Self-Checking Math Activity 2

Change - Convert - Metric Length Digital Self-Checking Math Activity 2
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Grade 5, 6



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About This Product

Change - Convert - Metric Length Digital Self-Checking Math Activity 2

A novel and interactive educational tool for teaching metric measurement concepts in Math. This digital resource is designed specifically for educators of Grade 5 and Grade 6 students, enriching both home-based and classroom learning environments.

Activity Overview:

  • A self-checking metric length puzzle.
  • Incorporates Google Slides for any-place accessibility without the need for preparation.

Interactive Learning:

This activity involves 12 unique questions, stimulating curiosity while imparting crucial knowledge about changing units of Metric Length. Students solve the given problems using a whiteboard, scratch paper or an accompanying recording sheet by dragging their answers over to the question's corresponding section. Upon successful completion, learners can appreciate the holistic picture puzzle they've created through their understanding of math.

Educators Aids:

  • Included is a Teacher Answer Key which helps instructors ensure accurate grading while saving time effectively.


The product cultivates procedural as well as conceptual comprehension among students while keeping them engaged in several pedagogical scenarios – be it morning work scenarios or homework assignments; it can also serve as a warm-up activity prior to delving into more complex topics or even as an exit ticket after each lesson check to gauge student’s understanding.
Suggested Class Structure:

To bring out its full potential, you may consider dividing your class into small groups issuing this activity; this approach promotes teamwork and collaborative problem-solving abilities among students. As all questions are inherently different within each set (12 problems), learners will have unique takeaways from these varied experiences every single time they take part in this fun-filled digital math exercise.

No preparation or printing is required by the teachers.


Change - Convert - Metric Length Digital Self-Checking Math Activity 2 integrates effectively into any modern-day educator's digital-resource toolkit.

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