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Change Decimals to Fractions in Simplest Form Digital Self-Checking

Change Decimals to Fractions in Simplest Form Digital Self-Checking
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Grade 6



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About This Product

Change Decimals to Fractions in Simplest Form Digital Self-Checking: An Interactive Learning Tool for Mathematics

A revolutionary hands-on tool: This enhancement tool is designed to provide learners with a fun and interactive way of learning decimals and fractions.

Core Features:

  • Total of twelve problems demonstrating the changes from decimals into fractions in simplest form.
  • Designed meticulously for Google Sheets, ensuring ease of use and student engagement.

Innovative Scramble Picture Reveal Activity:

This self-assessing teaching resource offers an engaging exercise where solutions reveal an obscured image gradually, dependent on students' accuracy. It seamlessly integrates assessment while keeping it entertaining.

Self-checking Functionality:

The insertion of final answers reveals immediate color-indicated feedback. Correct answers turn green revealing sections of a hidden picture, while incorrect ones turn red leaving the image unaltered. This system promotes competition helps motivate students by piquing their curiosity.

Possible Utilizations include:
  1. Morning lessons or homework sessions
  2. Bell ringer activities or exit tickets
  3. Inclusion in Math warm-ups reteaching/reviewing procedures
An Added Convenience: Teacher Answer Key- The built-in Teacher Answer Key simplifies evaluations thereby saving valuable time - a significant reason why every teaching toolkit should include this! Specially Designed For 6th Grade Learners: Emphasizing primarily on Decimals & Fractions Subsubjects, this digital self-checker boasts maximum useability with minimal preparatory work!

What's Included

➡️ Here's what’s included:

12 Change Decimals to Fractions in Simplest Form Problems in Google Sheets to save you time

Student Recording Sheet so that students show their process

Teacher Answer Key to save you time

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Decimals Fractions Interactive learning Self-checking assessment Engaging activities

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