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Chemistry - Atoms and Molecules Dominoes

An educational teaching resource from Elf off the Shelf Resources entitled Chemistry - Atoms and Molecules Dominoes downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

A dominoes game with questions and statements on forces and weight and mass instead of answers.


Prior Knowledge

Atoms are the building blocks of elements.

All the atoms of one element are the same but are different to the atoms of other elements.

Atoms combine to form molecules.

If combining atoms are from the same element, a molecule of an element is formed but if they are from different elements, a molecule of a compound is formed.

An element contains only one type of atom.

A compound contains two or more different types of atom combined together chemically.

Elements are listed in the periodic table.

Each element has its own symbol.

Some symbols are the capitalized first letter of the name of the element .

Some symbols have two letters from the name with only the first capitalized.

 Some symbols are taken from the Latin name of the element.




What You Get

80 dominos

Animated PowerPoint explaining the rules and how to play.


Rules of the Game

Each player selects seven dominos from the top of the face-down pile and holds them in their hand like playing cards.

The player whose surname begins with a letter closest to the letter A starts and play proceed in a clockwise direction.

Dominos can be matched exactly, or a name can be matched with  a symbol or descriptions, sketches and circuit diagrams can be matched.

If a player thinks a match is wrong, they can challenge. If the challenger is correct, they give a card from their own hand to the challenged player. If the challenged player is correct, they give a card from their hand to the challenger. Pupils are encouraged to check their books for the correct answer and consult their teacher if a consensus is not reached.

If a player cannot play a domino, they pick up from the face down pile and can play if possible or add it to their hand.

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What's Included

1 zip file

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