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Chemistry: Mystery Element #1

An educational teaching resource from THE LANTERN OF KNOWLEDGE entitled Chemistry: Mystery Element #1 downloadable at Teach Simple.
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About This Product

Chemistry: Mystery Element #1 is a great resource to have your students solve the mystery element! This one allows for reviewing the characteristics of a specific element of the periodic table.

This Chemistry: Mystery Element #1 presents a photograph of an element and a series of clues for your students to figure out which is the element on the photograph. There are a set of five clues presented and these are followed by two questions to identify the popular name of the element as well as the scientific name of the element.

This Chemistry: Mystery Element #1 resource is designed for students in middle school though it can be used with younger students as well.

The Chemistry: Mystery Element #1 includes an answer key for teachers providing the name of the mystery element, the popular name, and the scientific name of the element presented on the photograph.

Chemistry: Mystery Element #1 is a ready to print and use resource! This is a no-effort resource for teachers, yet very effective for students to identify elements of the periodic table of elements.

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A PDF with 2 pages, ready to print and use with your students!

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