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Christmas Printable Photo Booth Prop Classroom Activity

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About This Product

Christmas Printable Photo Booth Prop Classroom Activity

Dive into the festive spirit with the Christmas Printable Photo Booth Prop Classroom Activity. This teaching resource is designed to engage students in a fun-filled merrymaking process and make your classroom parties especially cheerful.

The product combines creativity with learning, suitable for an educational setting that isn't grade-specific. It fits seamlessly into any subject matter since it serves as a universal activity meant to enhance student's enthusiasm and cooperation. The versatility of this photo booth prop activity allows teachers to adapt its use in various ways - it can be used during whole group celebrations, small group activities, or even as a creative homework assignment.


  • This resource contains 19 pages of ready-to-print high-resolution PDF files formatted conveniently for 8.5 x 11 inches paper, offering practical ease-of-use for busy educators.
  • Alongside the PDF files is also an inclusion of JPEG files packed within a single zip file.
  • Within the provided material are 50 separate images that learners can utilize to decorate their photo props creatively making each prop unique and personal.

Whether using it for holiday-themed projects or crafting sessions within classrooms or homeschooled environments, these printable props add fun elements to your lesson plans and activities getting you all set up for memorable photo-ops that children will surely cherish throughout their learning journey.

In conclusion, the Christmas Printable Photo Booth Prop Classroom Activity creates opportunities not only for amusement but also facilitates teamwork and arts appreciation among learners while fostering their artistic thinking . It's an exceptional addition to any educator’s basket of resources perfecting every special occasion with warmth while delivering comfort and joy in an educational environment.

What's Included


- 19 pages of ready print high resolution pdf file in 8.5 x 11 inches paper (see image #2)

- 19 pages of jpeg files in 1 zip file

- 50 images

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