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Circumference of Circles Digital Self-Checking Activity

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Grade 7



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About This Product

The Circumference of Circles Digital Self-Checking Activity

The Circumference of Circles Digital Self-Checking Activity is a resource designed to engage seventh-grade students in fun, interactive geometry learning with the objective of measuring circles' circumference. This digital strategy replaces traditional textbook-mathematic problems with an interactive puzzle picture reveal.

Main Features

  • Operates smoothly on Google Sheets.
  • Provides real-time feedback to learners as they respond to questions.
  • If an answer is correctly provided, the cell turns green and uncovers part of a hidden image.
  • Incorrect answers render the cell red without revealing any additional part of the picture.

This immediate response excites learners and enables them to understand their math errors promptly.

Versatile Application:

Educators can utilize this resource for various purposes such as:

  • Homework assignments
  • Assessments for understanding during lessons (exit tickets)
  • Math warm-ups or even for reteaching/review sessions.

This proves handy when teachers need something ready-to-go for math practice sessions or during test preparations. The fact that it's a no-prep resource further adds its appeal; all one needs is to add it to their Google Drive folder,

Included within this digital self-checking activity are:
  • Twelve problems focussing on finding the circumference of circles which make use of Google Sheets; saving educators valuable correction time!
  • A specially created recording sheet for students to document their mathematical processes leading towards solutions.
  • An answer key for educators – providing ready-made solutions!

In Conclusion

Seeking resources that balance conceptual comprehension and procedural application regarding circle measurements in geometry lessons at school or home? The Circumference of Circles Digital Self-Checking Activity is ideal, providing enriching, ready-to-use education activities.

What's Included

➡️ Here's what’s included:

12 Find the Circumference of Circles Problems in Google Sheets that will save you time correcting

Student Recording Sheet so that students show their mathematical process

Teacher Answer Key for another timesaver!

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