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Classroom Supply Label, Editable Labels in Cute Owl Theme - 100% Editable

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About This Product

Title: Classroom Supply Label, Editable Labels in Cute Owl Theme - 100% Editable

The Classroom Supply Label, Editable Labels in Cute Owl Theme, is a resource designed to makes any classroom more fun and adventurous through its unique and playful designs. This teaching tool comes with a convenient 100% editable format that allows educators to personalize their space according to their teaching style or lesson needs.

This set is provided as a Microsoft PowerPoint file which can be conveniently formatted for letter-size printing. Both the visual elements (images, graphics) and textual components of each label can be effortlessly edited within Microsoft PowerPoint. Such flexibility ensures these labels meet the dynamic needs of your classroom learning environment or home education setup.

This specific product comes with:

  • 24 editable pages offering diverse options for usage and implementation.
  • An array of various sizes including six pieces measuring 5 x 2.5 inches available in six different colors along with ninety pre-written texts; eight pieces measuring 5 x 3.8 inches available in eight distinct hues accompanied by twelve pre-written texts; furthermore, it includes another set of eight pieces each sized at 5 x 1.8 inches coming in another range of eight unique colors; finally rounding off the collection are six pieces each sizing up at approximately around

Teachers could use them as décor elements enhancing aesthetics while simultaneously fostering an engaging learning environment ensuring productive educational activities carried out individually or within small collaborative student teams or across whole classroom groups.

The versatility enclosed within this product permits teachers not only to enhance organization but also grants them opportunities design room displays connecting directly back into taught learning concepts – thereby fostering constant learner engagement well beyond initial explicit instruction phases leading eventually into guided practice through reinforcement from passive classroom displays.


Regardless whether you're engaged in dispensing public education resources or serving as dedicated homeschool instructors diligently planning home lessons - This Classroom Supply Label, Editable Labels in Cute Owl Theme tool offers an effective and tailored solution for classroom organization and decoration. Transforming a basic physical environment or virtual learning space into a vibrant educational epicenter has assuredly been made easier with the inclusion of these cute owl-themed editable labels.

What's Included


The set consists of 24 editable PowerPoint pages, which includes

- 6 pieces of 5 x 2.5 in - comes in 6 different colors – with 90 pre-written texts

- 8 pieces of 5 x 3.8 in - comes in 8 different colors – with 12 pre-written texts Power

- 8 pieces of 5 x 1.8 in - comes in 8 different colors

- 6 pieces of 3.3 x 1.8 in - comes in 6 different colors

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