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Core Semantics Mats + Cards: Music Instruments Pack

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About This Product

Core Semantics Mats + Cards: Music Instruments Pack is a 13-page pack filled with colorful and black-and-white images of musical instruments. These flashcards can be used as conversation starters, writing prompts, or group activities to build vocabulary. Teachers can create homework boards for parents to work on at home, establishing previous lessons. Use the cards to play matching, memory, and description games, printed full page or as individual mini cards. This pack helps develop language, speech, communication, memory, following instructions, and more! Combine materials to create reasoning, categorization, and logical exclusion activities. This pack works well for special education needs, speech therapy, ESL students, and general vocabulary building for preschool through 2nd grade.

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occupational therapy speech therapy semantics poster mats task cards sped music musical instruments match to sample words aside

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