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Counting Cards - Cat In The Hat - Dr Seuss Inspired Activity

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About This Product

Counting Cards - Cat In The Hat - Dr. Seuss Inspired Activity

The ‘Counting Cards – Cat in the Hat – Dr Seuss Inspired Activity' is a fantastic hands-on learning tool designed to engage early learners, preschoolers, kindergartners, and grade 1 students. Focused on building strong foundational math skills, this set of 24 counting cards incorporates a delightful 'Cat in the Hat' theme that not only captures the attention but also evokes enthusiasm among young learners.

This resource encourages students to match number cards with corresponding pictures sets to build their counting and recognition skills. For added flexibility and diversity in teaching methods, it can be adapted as an engaging memory match game. Each card has been thoughtfully divided for straightforward cutting; robust and durable when printed on cardstock and laminated.

One versatile feature is its conduciveness for use at learning centers or for homeschool activities. With this resource at hand, students can simply utilize clothespins to clip onto their answers—fostering fine motor skills in addition to mathematical understanding.

  • An extension of this Dr Seuss inspired series includes related activities such as Green Eggs and Ham Sight Words Cards or Number sequence puzzles among others which may be of interest too.
  • The product comes as a convenient 6-page PDF file that's ready for immediate use (printing required).

By incorporating these cards into your instruction routine—be it whole group activities or small group work; you're delivering an enjoyable yet educational opportunity sharpening their number sense.

"So bring some whimsy into your math lessons today with 'Counting Cards – Cat In The Hat – Dr Seuss Inspired Activity'. Enjoy teaching while they relish learning!"

What's Included

A PDF file with 6 printable pages.

Happy Teaching!

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