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Country Study on South Korea - Guess Who Game Cards on Famous Koreans

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Country Study on South Korea - Guess Who Game Cards on Famous Koreans

This Teaching Resource is a fun Guess Who Game PDF (1 slide, 15 cards) on Famous Korean People. This Printable Resource can be great for Geography, Asian History and Social Studies Classes. Suitable Learners for this kind of lesson are students from 6th Grade to 12th Grade.

This Geography + Social Studies Guess Who Game on Famous People from South Korea (Country Study) aims to introduce learners to South Korea and its most famous Koreans (leaders, film makers, politicians, music groups, singers etc.). Little Preparation is needed for this Social Studies + Geography Activity.

Some of the Korean People selected for this Geography + Social Studies + Asian History Country Study on South Korea are:

  • Sejong the Great (Monarch and creator of Korean Writing System Hangul)

  • Kim Dae-jun (President of South Korea)

  • BTS (K-Pop Boy Band)

  • Blackpink (K-Pop Band)

  • BoA (Singer)

  • June Huh (Mathematician)

  • Bong Joon-ho (Academy Award Film Maker; "Parasite")

  • Ban Ki-moon (UN Secretary-General and Politician)

  • Queen Min (Korean Monarch)

  • and many more!

A very fun and engaging way to play this "Guess Who on Famous People from South Korea" (country study on South Korea) game can be the following:

  • all Learners sit on the floor in a circle

  • every Learner has a Flash Card on their face

  • every Learner/player asks a question about their Flash Card's famous Korean

This Social Studies + Geography Country Study on South Korea PDF Printable Teaching Resource (1 slide, 15 cards for 15 Famous People from Korea) can be great for learners from 6th grade to 12th grade to introduce South Korea and its Culture through its most important and celebrated people.

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