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COVID-19 Reflection Essay

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Introducing the COVID-19 Reflection Essay, a versatile teaching resource designed for educators to foster thought-provoking discussions and critical thinking in students from grades 5-12. This resource is particularly useful for Language Arts teachers aiming to invigorate their writing assignments.

At its core, this resource provides students the chance to reflect upon their experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. Comprised of structured activities that inspire contemplation about personal, educational, or societal repercussions of the coronavirus, it encourages both memory recall and introspection.

Versatile Implementation

The assignment can be implemented across multiple platforms such as group work in a classroom setting or individual homework tasks. It has been carefully curated to fit multiple contexts including public schools and homeschooling environments.

Included Materials

  • An essay assignment sheet complete with rationale,
  • Step-by-step instructions,
  • Handy writing tips as well as self-and-peer revision activities.

A Look at Unique Tasks Included:

  1. The Time Capsule Notetaking Activity: serves as an engaging ice breaker exercise prompting students to assess their holistic experience;
  2. The Reflection Essay Notetaking Exercise: aids in compiling ideas used later for essay creation;
  3. The Reflection Essay Outline: guides them throughout the writing process.

Detailed Rubric: A Grading Simplification Tool

An innovative aspect of this product is its inclusion of a detailed yet simplified 40-point rubric tied directly with four English Language Arts Common Core Standards. This tool streamlines grading through aligning it more closely with set learning objectives thus providing clear benchmarks for student performance.

Format Flexibility

Beneficially stored within adjustable PDF files format this resource provides flexibility allowing customization based on specific pedagogical needs or varied digital delivery strategies.*


All things considered; whether revisiting past events via thought-incubating exercises or implementing direct guidelines on how essays could effectively be constructed—the COVID-19 Reflection Essay holistically caters towards alleviating teaching loads whilst nurturing cognitive growth among students.


What's Included

Ideal for a first-or-final week assignment, your purchase includes:

A COVID-19 reflection essay assignment sheet with essay rationale, step-by-step directions, writing tips, and self-and-peer revision activity - See PREVIEW

TASK 1: An ice-breaker time capsule note-taking activity that gives students the opportunity to think holistically about their COVID-19 experiences while crafting a keepsake they can return to again and again as they age and reflect on their pandemic experiences - Download HERE

TASK 2: A reflection essay notetaking exercise that builds on their time-capsule activity and helps students compile the building blocks that will help them craft their essay

TASK 3: A reflection essay outline activity that takes students step-by-step through the writing process

A scaffolded and “assessment simplified” 40-point rubric tied to 4 ELA Common Core Standards

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