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Crash Course Sociology Episode | 24 Social Class and Poverty in U.S.

Crash Course Sociology Episode | 24 Social Class and Poverty in U.S.
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Grade 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

Crash Course Sociology Episode 24: Teaching Resource

This teaching resource takes an in-depth look at the pressing issue of Social Class and Poverty in U.S, presenting it as a video and worksheet, fostering understanding amongst high school students.

Resource Composition

  • Worksheet with 15 questions that checks comprehension of key themes catered to high school students. This is available in Microsoft Word format.
  • The video is linked for quick access at the top of the document.
  • An answer key separated from the main document promoting self-assessment – a part of independent learning.
Note: This resource can be used both in classrooms (public or homeschooling) allowing flexibility within different educational frameworks including group discussions or solo activities... Potential Advantages:,
  1. Fosters collective debates being watched once during full-class settings;
  2. Promotes deeper understanding on replay during smaller groups or individual sessions (if technology permits).
  3. ;

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