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Crash Course Sociology Episode Worksheet | 5 - Durkheim on Suicide and Society

An educational teaching resource from Active Social Studies entitled Crash Course Sociology Episode Worksheet | 5 - Durkheim on Suicide and Society downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 10, 11, 12



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Crash Course Sociology Episode 5 - Émile Durkheim on Suicide and Society Worksheet This 2-page worksheet complements the Crash Course Sociology video episode on Émile Durkheim's research on the sociological causes of suicide. It includes 15 comprehension questions for students to answer while and after viewing the 9-minute video, which provides an engaging overview of Durkheim's groundbreaking 1897 study on the connections between suicide rates and social integration. An answer key is provided to check student responses. This resource can be used individually or in groups and sparks discussion on the impacts of societal factors on individual behaviors and choices. It is an insightful addition for high school sociology units on seminal studies in the field. Check out more secondary social studies resources at Active Social Studies.

What's Included

2 Word Documents - 2 pages each

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