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Crash Course Sociology Episode Worksheet | 12 - How We Got Here

An educational teaching resource from Active Social Studies entitled Crash Course Sociology Episode Worksheet | 12 - How We Got Here downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 10, 11, 12



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Crash Course Sociology Episode 12 Worksheet: How We Got Here This 2-page worksheet accompanies the Crash Course Sociology video "How We Got Here" and has 15 questions for students to answer while watching the 11-minute video. The link to the video is included at the top of the worksheet for easy access. An answer key is also provided so students can check their own work. This worksheet on the origins and history of sociology as a field of study can be used as an in-class activity for individuals or groups. Students can watch the video and complete the worksheet together in class, allowing the engaging visuals to facilitate discussion. It also works well as a homework assignment for students to watch the video and complete questions independently. Repeated viewings will help students solidify their learning. I hope this resource sparks an interest in sociology and its real-world applications that high school students can relate to. Please see my store for more sociology resources like lecture slides and activities.

What's Included

2 Word Documents with 2 pages each

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