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Create & Share Your Own Poem Project — Poetry Independent Work

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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

Create & Share Your Own Poem Project — Poetry Independent Work

An engaging teaching resource for educators, designed to uniquely enrich the learning experience by combining elements of creative writing and public speaking. This is a perfect tool for teachers looking to inspire creativity and critical thinking in their classrooms from grade 7 up to grade 12.


  • This comprehensive package serves as an ideal platform for students exploring vital poetic concepts leading to a greater appreciation of literature.
  • Its interactive approach allows active learning by prompting children not only to study poetry but also guiding them in creating their unique verses.
  • The resource can be integrated into various types of instruction - whole group or small group activities, classroom settings or homework assignments.
    • Inclusive Curriculum

      The all-inclusive nature ensures every aspect of the process is covered—from introducing printouts explaining eight different types of poems and ten literary concepts, through meaningful presentations, drafting exercises with guided instructions, scaffolding aids and Common-Core aligned rubrics.

      Peer-editing Activity

      A standout feature is the peer-editing activity which refines initial drafts cultivating teamwork values while fostering better understanding about enhancing written works .

      Poetry Analysis Worksheet Guides & Presentation Preparation
      • This package also includes a step-by-step guide helping students perform poem analysis.
      • In addition it subtly yet thoroughly prepares them for making formal graded presentations using Common Core ELA standards aligned rubrics creating seamless cohension between different parts of the project.

          Educators will surely find this Create & Share Your Own Poem Project not just as a teaching tool but also an innovative solution that is easy to use without compromising on quality content.

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