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Daily Life Skill: Jasmine Learns to Avoid Making Impulsive Decisions

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About This Product

Daily Life Skill: Jasmine Learns to Avoid Making Impulsive Decisions

Educators, it's time to empower your students with crucial life skills. Introducing the resource 'Daily Life Skill: Jasmine Learns to Avoid Making Impulsive Decisions'.

The heart of this instructional material is a relatable story where Jackson teaches Jasmine about making thoughtful choices. This narrative uses understandable language which will resonate with young minds, allowing them to grasp practical concepts like keeping calm and examining all available options.

The storytelling approach encourages engagement and paves the way for relevant discussions on impulse versus sound decisions, bolstering your learners' critical thinking abilities. It delves into larger contexts too, such as maintaining budgets for honing financial decision-making skills.

Enhancing Teaching Processes

  • Interactive dialogs and questions that strengthen assimilation of ideas presented in the story.

  • Every aspect of this resource is designed for immersive learning experiences – from everyday scenarios right down to illustrations and diagrams.

  • Straightforward language suitable not only college-level students but adults dealing with intellectual disabilities too.

  • Included are seven reading comprehension questions accompanied by answers that underpin the student's understanding of daily life skills incorporated in the narrative.

An Adaptable Tool For Special Educators

This material can easily be integrated into different environments:

  1. Small group settings

  2. Homework assignments or whole class activities

  3. A tool during community-based learning exercises as well as hands-on instruction

Holistic Guide towards Independent Living Capabilities
Other associated resources included tackle more real-life matters like designing emergency exit plans or tracking allergies providing a more holistic guide towards developing independent living capabilities amongst learners.

Conveniently available in a five-page PDF format, this high school social emotional learning resource promises an enjoyable yet edifying experience both educator and student can cherish while navigating life’s treacherous journey towards adulthood.

Color and black-and-white versions of each page are available for this pdf resource.

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