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Data Analysis & Probability: Spinner Game for 3rd-5th - PC Software

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Grade 3, 4, 5



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About This Product

Data Analysis & Probability Spinner Game

An exceptional instructional resource specifically for 3rd to 5th-grade teachers, the Data Analysis & Probability Spinner Game is a PC software that will undoubtedly enrich your teaching tools. This mini spinner game incorporates ten questions revolving around the topics of data analysis and probability, thereby making complex topics fun and user-friendly.

Aligned with Common Core State Standards and STEM initiatives, this game enhances analytical thinking among students. It also meets the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards, helping students keep pace with key competencies in math education.

Main Features

  • The interactive gameplay embedded into learning fosters greater student engagement. This approach augments traditional worksheet-based learning and creates an environment where students eagerly anticipate class sessions.
  • This software features an easy-to-use interface bundled into a single zip file, allowing more time for educational delivery rather than setup.
  • The subject matter includes graphing lessons, offering additional coverage while focusing on core Math subjects for swift yet effective skill development among pupils.

If you're considering integrating this tool as part of whole group instruction or assigning it as homework, be assured: you're choosing an engaging platform that perfectly marries entertainment with education!

To recapitulate;
Lean towards modern-day educational technology by introducing concepts through new interactive methods such as this spinner game - making learning appealing to today's digital natives!

What's Included

1 zip file with PC software

Resource Tags

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