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December and Christmas Writing Pennants | Writing Pennants or Banners | Seasonal Displays

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About This Product

These seasonal banners are truly adorable! I have had them in my classroom for years. I can’t get enough of them and neither can my students. This is a great way to practice writing AND decorate your room. The kids feel some ownership of the room as they’re writing hangs on the wall! At the end of each season or holiday you can send their pennant home so they can collect them and create a big banner at home. I hope these pennants give your students a chance to write and to decorate the classroom! Good luck!


How To Use This:

Choose which writing format works best for your students level of writing. Print out several different templates so your students can choose which symbol they like best. Come up with your own writing prompt to go with it or leave it open-ended for your students. Have them write in their best handwriting and then color the pennant. String them together and decorate the hallway, the room, or the door. Enjoy for the whole month!!


What You Get:

·       Christmas Tree pennants in 9 versions

·       Gingerbread Man pennants in 9 versions

·       Candy Cane pennants in 9 versions

·       Nativity pennants in 9 versions

·       Snowflake pennants in 9 versions

·       Mitten pennants in 9 versions

·       Triangle pennants in 12 versions

·       Swallowtail pennants in 12 versions



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What's Included

An 82-page printable PDF

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