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Decimal Place Value Mats

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About This Product

Decimal Place Value Mats

Your solution to mastering decimal place values - the Decimal Place Value Mats! An invaluable visual tool designed for effective teaching and learning of the decimal system. Also perfect for educators in traditional classroom settings and homeschool environments, these mats cover an 8.5"x14" space each outlining various aspects of decimals.

Product Features

  • A detailed overview of whole number places from units to thousands and decimal places from tenths to millionths.

  • Varieties include Montessori-colored versions that spark children's interest, as well as clear uncolored variations that reveal the mechanics behind numbers.

  • Inclusion of labels covering column names along with numeric values ranging from million to millionths, presented in both decimal and fraction formats; perfect for interactive lessons or independent study sessions on decimals & fractions!

A Unique Advantage: The Decimal Place Value Mats are fully compatible with other teaching tools such as Montessori cubes or numeral cards. This aids learners in pronouncing complex fractional numbers more easily, facilitates adding or subtracting operations based on decimals, etc.

Note: Despite occasional Adobe Reader bugs related to grid/table lines online, there are zero issues when it comes to actual printing output - ensuring quality material every time!

Suggested Additional Materials

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  2. "Bundle: Fractions & Decimals Materials"

  3. "Decimal Numbers & Their Names"

The Decimal Place Value Mats stand out not just as an excellent resource but also a bridge connecting theoretical knowledge inside textbooks onto practical applications.

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