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Democracy Types and Rank Choice Voting (Slides, Videos, Visuals, and Worksheet)

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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12



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Explore American Elections and Voting Systems with this engaging teaching resource. The resource includes informative slides explaining key concepts related to representative democracy, direct democracy, parliamentary democracy, the spoiler effect, strategic voting, ranked choice voting, proportional representation, and more. Embedded videos and visuals help students comprehend the complex dynamics of American elections. A detailed worksheet allows students to apply their understanding. Educators can implement the materials in various ways - as an introductory lesson on elections, when studying government structures, or while examining the history of voting rights in America. The nonpartisan, factual presentation aims to pique students' interest in civic participation. By evaluating alternative voting methods, students gain insight into how democratic systems function around the world. This versatile resource equips educators to have meaningful dialogues around elections and democracy with secondary school students.

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