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Describing Topics Worksheet

Describing Topics Worksheet
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Grade 1, 2, 3





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About This Product

If you want to give your reading students extra practice with comprehension and writing, I have just the resource for you!

What You Get:

This is a Describing Topics Worksheet that was designed for lower and upper elementary students who have learned or are reviewing this skill. This resource is a 1-page printable.

How To Implement This Resource:

You will print off enough copies of the worksheet for all your students to have. Depending on the grade level of your students, you may choose to select the topic for students. If your students are older, this makes a great task for them to choose topics of their interest. Students will use this worksheet to dictate, write, or draw about a topic. At the top of the page, students will write what the topic is they have chosen. This is great for an independent activity or in small groups. Answer key included.

I hope you enjoy!

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