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Design and Technologies: Grades 1-2

An educational teaching resource from Ready-Ed Publications entitled Design and Technologies: Grades 1-2 downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 1, 2





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About This Product

Product Description:

Design and Technologies: Grades 1-2 is an exceptional educational resource tactfully designed to harmonize science and technology learning for young minds. This product, which caters to grade 1 and grade 2 classrooms admirably, suits various teaching modes - ranging from guiding large groups to overseeing small teams.

The concise yet comprehensive content found in Design and Technologies: Grades 1-2 is encapsulated into a mere 47 pages. The content is presented in a downloadable PDF format, making it simple for teachers to print or digitally distribute among their students.

Main Sections:

  • Green and Clever Designs
  • How Things Move
  • Where Do Things Come From?
  • Materials and Design
  • ,

This resource takes an elaborate approach towards teaching science with special emphasis on technology. Each section comes with helpful teacher notes that translate theoretical concepts into experiential learning by suggesting different hands-on activities. Every activity comes with precise instructions, ensuring both understanding and engagement for early-grade students.

A User Friendly Approach:

The structure of this educational guide revolves around worksheets comprising designs that are user-friendly enough to cater to diverse learning capabilities of students across grades. In conclusion,The Design & Technologies: Grades 1-2 book serves as a dynamic platform allowing young learners explore the aspects related solely to 'Design' & 'Technology'. It offers usability in diverse contexts like whole group lessons or small group discussions—even as homework assignments—making it a flexible educational tool resulting in enhanced understanding of key concepts.

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