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Dice Game - Regular French -RE Verbs - Present and Passé Composé Tenses

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About This Product

Dice Game - Regular French -RE Verbs - Present and Passé Composé Tenses

Dice Game is an engaging teaching resource that makes learning regular French RE verbs, in the present and passé composé tenses fun. It is a no-prep activity designed to last about 30 minutes, featuring a simple dice game that students love.

Variety and Trackable Progress

With six different versions of the game included in this resource, monotony is eliminated. Using printable student response sheets helps to track progress while scoring sheets ease the grading process for educators.

User-friendly Format

The print-and-go format not only saves time for educators but also offers students an enjoyable experience which holds their attention for at least half an hour.

Flexibility in Group Management

  • This can be used as a whole group activity or used with smaller teams, enhancing leadership skills within groups.
  • It can even be assigned as homework without losing its appeal!
Skill Development alongside Language Learning

The unpredictability introduced by the dice forces quick-thinking skill development along with language learning. Comprehensive instructions facilitate focus on teaching rather than figuring out how to conduct the game itself.

Suitable For Diverse Age Groups & Environmentally Friendly
This product is suitable from grades 6 through 12. The PDF file type allows for efficient storage of resources, eliminating misplaced papers while being eco-friendly! Experience improved teamwork skills and grammar proficiency with Dice Game - Regular French -RE Verbs - Present & Passé Composé Tenses.

What's Included

3 PDFs.

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