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Digital Math for 1.OA.5 - Add and Subtract Within 20 (Slides + Self-Grading Quiz)

Digital Math for 1.OA.5 - Add and Subtract Within 20 (Slides + Self-Grading Quiz)
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About This Product

Digital Math for 1.OA.5 - Add and Subtract Within 20: An interactive teaching resource designed with first-grade students in mind, focusing on algebraic concepts within addition and subtraction.

  • Fully digital: Eliminates the need for physical resources, contributing to a hassle-free prep period for educators.
  • Interactive slides: Uses technology to simplify complex math principles. Students can easily drag and drop images across the slides, engaging interactively in learning.

Packing an intuitive Google Forms quiz that assesses student knowledge while offering self-grading capabilities, this resource aids teachers in tracking individual student progress better.

The resource's compatibility with both PowerPoint and Google Slides makes it ideal for any virtual classroom setting. Its instructions provide ease in assigning the whole file or selective slides via Google Classroom. It is equally useful for small group instruction or as a standalone activity during physical class sessions per Common Core state standards (standard reference 1.OA.D)

  • Included Components:
    • An adaptable PowerPoint file
    • Google Slides embedded into the module with two dozen captivating interaction slides aimed at first-grade students
    • A corresponding self-marking quiz constructed on google forms particularly suitable to assess lesson proficiency against concepts taught through prior interaction slides.

Inclusion of these components enhances lesson plans significantly by enabling versatile usage across different platforms without hassles.

What's Included

Included in this Resource:

Both PowerPoint and Google Slides

20 interactive student slides

A corresponding, self-grading quiz on Google Forms

This resource can be used as a distance learning assignment, in small group instruction, or as a center.

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