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Digital Math for 2.MD.4 - Measure and Estimate Lengths (Slides + Self-Grading Quiz)

Digital Math for 2.MD.4 - Measure and Estimate Lengths (Slides + Self-Grading Quiz)
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Grade 2



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About This Product


Digital Math for 2.MD.4 - Measure and Estimate Lengths provides a comprehensive learning resource, purpose-built for enhancing Grade 2 concepts in measurements. The drive behind its creation is to equip educators with an interesting approach to practice, review, and increase math skills amongst pupils.

About the Product

The product features Interactive Math Slides, designed carefully to foster student interaction. These digital slides not only save physical resources but also require no prior preparation. The chief attraction is the use of visual aids stimulating students' interaction hence improving their understanding intuitively.

Digital Math for 2.MD.4's can be accessed through both PowerPoint and Google Slides formats, suiting each classroom-based education or distance learning at home.

Main Features:

  • Approximately twenty interactive student-oriented slides providing plenty of practice options that can be assigned as suitable.
  • A technology-aided assessment via a self-grading Google Forms quiz offering instantaneous results helping teachers monitor individual academic growth effectively."

This versatile tool fits perfectly into different teaching methods - from being used as an aid introducing new concepts initially down to small group instructions encouraging focused learning sessions; even extending its utility towards homework assignments bolstering out-of-school connections reiterating learned notions regularly ensuring optimal academic outcomes.

To Summarize:

In essence, Digital Math for 2.MD.4 offers an effective mix of engaging interactive slide-based learning along with technology-driven self-evaluation quizzes crafting a scaffolded approach that aligns both with educators’ pedagogical necessities while acknowledging students' distinctive cognitive processing approaches breaking traditional instructional techniques barriers.

What's Included

Included in this Resource:

Both PowerPoint and Google Slides

20 interactive student slides

A corresponding, self-grading quiz on Google Forms

This resource can be used as a distance learning assignment, in small group instruction, or as a center.

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