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Digital Math for 5th Grade NBT Standards - (BUNDLE of Slides + Self-Grading Quiz)

Digital Math for 5th Grade NBT Standards - (BUNDLE of Slides + Self-Grading Quiz)
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Place Value


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About This Product

Digital Math for 5th Grade NBT Standards - (BUNDLE of Slides + Self-Grading Quiz)

Designed to facilitate engaging math instruction, this resource focuses specifically on the fifth-grade National Standard of Base Ten (NBT) emphasizing on Place Value.

Key Features:

  • Interactive math slides for review, practice and enrichment sessions.
  • No-prep functionality ensures lesson preparation is time-efficient and stress-free.
  • The bundle features graphs to visually monitor the progress of students.

This comprehensive bundle includes all digital interactive math slides related to standards 5.NBT.1 through 5.NBT.7. The compatibility with both PowerPoint and Google Slides facilitates effortless pairing with Google Classroom.

Ease of Use:

The inclusion of user-friendly instructions concerning file or individual slide assignments empowers even novice users.The added advantage lies in its self-grading quizzes within Google Forms catering to quick skills assessment which provide valuable data through real-time feedback for improvement applications.


Suitable not only for distance learning assignments but also effective for small group instruction or center activities. This resource caters impeccably towards contemporary pedagogical trends while carrying modern-day math education demands within its purposeful design elements.

Grade 5 educators searching for relevant, engaging yet efficient resources will find a high-value asset in this dynamic bundle!

What's Included

Included in this Resource for each standard:

Both PowerPoint and Google Slides

Slide decks

A corresponding, self-grading quiz on Google Forms

This resource can be used as a distance learning assignment, in small group instruction, or as a center.

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