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Digital Paper: Colorful Sheet Music

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About This Product

Digital Paper: Colorful Sheet Music

This compelling resource is a pack of 24 digital papers, each measuring 12"x12", designed to inspire and add charm to your classroom activities. Provided as jpeg files contained in a zip folder, these vibrant sheets are simple to download and use.

About the Designs

Each design is unique yet consistent in theme, featuring vintage sheet music laid against a variety of color choices. Ranging from blues and purples to oranges, reds, greens and more – there's sure to be a color scheme perfect for your needs.


The colorful sheet music digital papers are not grade-specific making them versatile across various learning levels. Their primary purpose falls under the 'Classroom Decor' subcategory but their potential uses stretch far beyond decor.

  • Scrapbooking projects

  • Party printables

  • Card crafting sessions

Beyond Classroom Applicability

Beyond their functionality inside the classroom, they also hold commercial applicability where no additional licensing is required for use.

Inspire Creativity with Digital Paper Pack!

Add further energy and life into your daily teaching practices while inspiring creativity within young minds too! A wonderful addition for both public school educators or homeschooling parents looking for flexible resources that marry education with creativity seamlessly!

Note:  All sales from OldMarket support the meaningful work teachers do every day - molding minds across the world right from their classrooms.

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