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Digital Paper: Cracked Paper Textures

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About This Product

Digital Paper: Cracked Paper Textures

Our Digital Paper Pack comes with a collection of artistically rendered Cracked Paper Textures. This pack was tailored specifically with educators in mind, from school teachers to homeschoolers, looking to enhance the learning environment or their classroom decor.

This set includes 24 unique papers each of size 12" x 12". Carefully curated in various shades and colors ranging from blue, yellow, red, pink - through green and orange - all the way down to black, gray, purple and brown. Each image is a JPEG format stored inside a Zip folder for your seamless digital download use.

Listed below are some potential uses for these digital papers:

  • Add a unique visual element to classroom activities by creating interesting backgrounds for lessons or projects that would kickstart students' imagination while studying different topics.

  • Use these textures as part of crafts projects or even create stunning cards for significant occasions.

  • The pack also finds utility outside education; it can be used in scrapbooking; developing vibrant party printables;

  • Enhance craft designs further by providing visually enticing backdrops that will make your designs pop out.

If you find enjoyment in this digital product texture selection – stay tuned! Frequent new offerings continue to broaden our product catalog's spectrum across different themes and styles along with additional bundled offers. A few clicks away transforms your teaching aids from dull into exciting visuals that are sure leave lasting impressions on everyone involved!

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