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Digital Paper: Distressed

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About This Product

Distressed Digital Paper Pack

Consider the Distressed Digital Paper Pack, a teaching resource that is anything but ordinary. This pack offers more than just paper - it provides 24 unique, attention-grabbing digital papers each with its own distressed aesthetics.

Paper Specifications

  • A total of 24 digital papers

  • Each file measures 12" x 12"

  • The files come in Jpeg format

  • Packed into a Zip folder for easy downloading and organization

  • Variety of colors available – blue, yellow, red, pink green orange black gray purple brown

Usage Possibilities:

You can incorporate these Papers into different learning environments. They can be used for various classroom activities or as an attractive classroom decor. Utilize these papers as backgrounds for your presentation slides or printable instructions to make your lesson planning less complicated.

For creative projects like scrapbooking or card making works wonderfully with these Distressed Digital Papers too! Use them to spice up worksheets or teaching aids while adding an exciting texture that will engage students as much as it informs.

Educational Scope:

Incorporate creativity effortlessly into education using this digital paper pack which caters across academic levels from elementary to high school – because learning should not limit creativity nor be confined by age group.

In essence, this product isn't just about acquiring digital paper; it's about obtaining an innovative tool that livens up teaching methods while providing captivating outputs tailor-made according to educators' needs and learners' interests! Finally,
Unleash limitless opportunities now using our Distressed Digital Paper Pack!

We Thank You! for stopping at OldMarket. Get creative today!.

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