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Digital Paper: Leather

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About This Product

Digital Paper: Leather

This resource is a pack of digital papers titled "Digital Paper: Leather". It features 24 leather texture designs, each designed with precision and suitable for various teaching applications.

Specifications & Features

  • Each paper comes in a standard size of 12" x 12".

  • Provided as image files in JPEG format.

  • Achieve high-quality illustrations without losing detail or clarity upon scaling or printing.

  • Easily accessible and convenient to use, saving you from the hassle of using physical paper.

Versatility & Usability

The visual appeal and realistic leather textures make these digital papers a versatile tool for educators. They're great backgrounds for presentations or interactive lessons on smartboards. Additionally, they can be used to create printables such as posters or signs that resonate with an aesthetic touch.

Please note this product is not specific to any grade level making it suitable across varying pupils' ages groups subjects or learning levels thus widening their applicability spectrum dramatically.

For those seeking even more graphical diversity please take a moment to explore The Ultimate Digital Paper Bundle available at Old Market offering all our digital papers combined.

Don't wait another second Pop over now discover how these engaging geometrical patterns can elevate your instructional materials today!

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