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Diwali | Deepavali Lapbook with Reading Comprehension Activities

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Grade 4, 5, 6



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About This Product

Diwali Lapbook with Reading Comprehension Activities is made for 4th to 6th grade primary level learners, homeschoolers, ESL/EFL learners with the aim of improving English language skills through the exploration of the Diwali festival. This ELA lapbook project features a Diwali reading text explaining the holiday and a set of reading comprehension activities that are focused on guiding the learners in putting together the lapbook. The lapbook is designed to be used for both individual and group projects making it more versatile.

With this resource, the learners will not only improve their English language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking but it will also help them in understanding and appreciating the Diwali festival. Whether you celebrate Diwali or not, this Diwali Lapbook project will definitely be a perfect tool in your ELA classroom!

Content Pages:

A. Instruction page

B. Reading Text

C. Reading comprehension activity

D. Research practice activity

E. Lapbook Contents

1. Front cover

2. 2 Name pages for individual and group project

3. Title pop-up with general information

4. Symbols page

5. Holiday Defined foldable

6. Holiday History foldable

7. Celebration foldable

8. Places to Visit foldable

9. Foods to Eat foldable

10. Things to Do foldable

11. Clothes to Wear

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Diwali Diwali Lapbook Diwali Reading Comprehension ELA lapbook Diwali project

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