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Dolphin Day Out: Write An Information Leaflet (9-13 years)

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About This Product

Dolphin Day Out: Write An Information Leaflet (9-13 years)

This teaching resource is designed to foster creative writing skills in children aged 9 to 13. It focuses on the Language Arts discipline and hones narrative and persuasive abilities, cultivating deeply engaging works.

Purpose & Functionality

The primary function of this material is an exercise in persuasion. Students are tasked with composing an information leaflet for "Dolphin Day Out". This practice helps them adopt persuasive language and techniques, thereby honing their practical literary manipulation skills. This makes it ideal for individual or group assignments/projects.

Note About Preparatory Sheet

Included in this downloadable PDF is a preparative sheet for drafting ideas before creating the final leaflets. This planning sheet guides students in organizing thoughts methodically while balancing informative and enticing narratives.

  • Advanced Vocabulary: The tool also encourages more advanced vocabulary use, providing opportunities for capable pupils keen on flexing their academic prowess even further.
  • Differentiating Instructions: Allows flexibility when differentiating instruction according to each student’s unique capabilities.
About the Material Length

This six-page long resource consists of carefully crafted worksheets that are thought-provoking, engaging yet not overwhelming - fit perfectly into any curriculum directed at improving writing skills while nurturing creativity among middle-grade students with real-life subject matters like dolphins interacting with adventurous narratives.

In Short,
"Dolphin Day Out: Write An Information Leaflet (9-13 year-olds)" aims at cultivating self-reliant writers comfortably navigating between factual realms and imaginative scenarios — setting a solid foundation for robust writing journeys complementing their language arts education.

What's Included

6 pages

Resource Tags

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