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Duffy's Jacket Short Story

Duffy's Jacket Short Story
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Grade 6, 7, 8

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About This Product

I love the short story, "Duffy's Jacket" by Bruce Coville. This 3-day unit is designed for 5th-8th graders with roughly 45 minutes each day, and can all be digital to make your life a little easier! Great for distance learning/Google Classroom!

This unit provides a breakdown for teaching Duffy's Jacket for 3 days

  1. asks students to identify figurative language and other literary elements

  2. a Google Forms quiz is included so you can save time grading

  3. compatible with Google Classroom, so you can go digital

  4. a great short story to introduce creative writing/scary story writing

What's Included

- Google Drive or Google Classroom worksheets (teacher and student copies)

- Google Forms quiz (you can change settings before sending a link for students)

- Answer key for worksheets, including plot map

- quick reminder slides in case your students struggle with terms in the story

- optional descriptive writing/drawing activity for students

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