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Duffy's Jacket Short Story

Duffy's Jacket Short Story
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Grade 6, 7, 8

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About This Product

Duffy's Jacket Short Story Teaching Resource

A teaching resource specifically designed for educators such as public school teachers, homeschoolers, and more. It productively caters to the 5th to 8th graders, making it an evocative pick for middle school teaching.

Key objectives:
  • To stimulate students' interest in literature while simplifying educators' tasks.
  • The unit requires just about 45 minutes of commitment per day - perfect keeping in mind young learners’ attention spans!
This teaching asset features:
  1. Comprehension tools: assists with the identification of figurative language and literary elements.
  2. Predetermined Google Forms Quiz: allows quick grading work without dedicating much effort into manual procedures.
  3. Real-time quick reminder slides: helpful whenever a student struggles with terms from the story within class sessions or self-study times at home.
  4. Aid materials:

    In addition to these features, this unit also possesses teacher-student worksheets aligned finer reading exercises throughout.

    Bonus: An optional descriptive writing/drawing activity is encapsulated which helps widen creative horizons besides strengthening comprehension abilities.

The Duffy's Jacket Short Story Teaching Resource promises to deliver an impressive learning experience catering uniformly to classrooms across the world by abiding international standards seen worldwide alike initiatives effective classrooms. Get ready to redefine your teaching experience!

What's Included

- Google Drive or Google Classroom worksheets (teacher and student copies)

- Google Forms quiz (you can change settings before sending a link for students)

- Answer key for worksheets, including plot map

- quick reminder slides in case your students struggle with terms in the story

- optional descriptive writing/drawing activity for students

Resource Tags

short storyliteraturecomprehensionfigurative languageteaching resource

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