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Easter Adapted Book - Google Slides

Easter Adapted Book - Google Slides
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Kindergarten, Preschool, Grade 1



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About This Product

Easter Adapted Book - Google Slides

Easter Adapted Book - Google Slides is a skillfully designed teaching tool for pre-K, kindergarten, and first-grade learners. This adapted book provides a comprehensive yet digestible overview of Easter's history and traditions through its interactive activities on Google Slide.

  • This 11-page resource covers various aspects of Easter’s history to intriguing traditional facts.
  • The format incorporates WH questions (who, what, when where), reading comprehension drills as well as vocabulary enhancement activities fostering intellectual growth and language proficiency.
  • It offers effortless accessibility while assisting in lesson planning for educators with diverse schedules without worrying about streaming issues like internet connectivity hitches.
  • This book can be used during class time in either group activity or individual work setups; it also works well in small-group cooperative learning spaces or even as homework.

In addition to educating about the holiday's history, this invaluable resource makes an effort to highlight the importance of cultural diversity by exploring global traditions.

Easter Adapted Book - Google Slides,

is not just fun-filled but academically nurtured approach making it an indispensable instrument in early education curriculum planning strategies. Leverage your students' interest in holidays into meaningful conversation around world cultures! Adopt our Easter Adapted Book - Google Slides today!

What's Included

Google Slides for the activities.

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