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Easter Arts and Crafts Activity

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Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 1





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About This Product

The Easter Arts and Crafts Activity

This remarkable combined activity pack provides a multitude of hands-on opportunities for children from preschool to grade 1. Emphasizing on fostering fine motor skills, it acts as an engaging tool for early childhood education.

What's Inside?

This comprehensive pack includes three different exercises:

  1. Easter Basket Craft
  2. Hatching Craft
  3. Butterfly Wand Craft

Making Learning Fun!

These activities are designed to guarantee fun-filled learning experience. The resources can be integrated in various teaching methods such as whole group lessons or smaller classroom settings.

Homeschooling Parents’ Delight!

Ideal for homeschooling parents who wish to provide their kids with exciting yet educational themed activities.

In-Class Integration & Home Assignments: Flexibility at Its Best!

If used within the school premises, teachers can execute these art lessons by photocopying the required pages from the ten-page pack. Alternatively, they can also be given out as home assignments ensuring continuity in learning outside the school environment. Either way - a win-win situation!

An Ideal Tool Mimics Experience :
Offering learners an experience that benefits cognitive development and sensory acquisition during their formative grades - 'The Easter Arts And Crafts Activity' is more than just a tool! It blends art, play ,and education seamlessly into all places where learning is associated with joy and celebration!

What's Included

About Easter Arts and Crafts Activity

This product contains 3 easy arts and crafts (with instruction sheet) with a total of 10 pages focusing on the Easter theme. The crafts are as following:

1. Easter Basket Craft (includes 3 pages)

2. Hatching Craft (includes 3 pages)

3. Butterfly Wand Craft (includes 4 pages)

Resource Tags

Easter Arts and Crafts Fine motor skills Hands-on activities Education

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