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Easter Bingo

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About This Product

Easter Bingo Game: Via Delightful Teaching Resource

This delightful Easter Bingo game is a perfect addition to any classroom or homeschooling setting. It is designed for preschoolers to second graders with a focus on Easter.

Fun Educational Activity with Learning Advantages

  • The game comprises 40 unique bingo cards and 5 pages of punchy teacher cards.
  • The vibrant colors and intriguing images keep students engaged while promoting learning.
  • Serves as an interactive platform for boosting listening skills and vocabulary buildup in children.

How To Play?

  1. Distribute a single bingo card and small objects that can be used as place markers among your students.
  2. Pull out one of the teacher cards from a bowl or basket while explaining what each picture represents.
  3. If students identify that specific image on their board, they mark it off!


Making Use Of The Versatile Bingo Cards:

Lending itself to more than just 'four in a row' wins, these cards open up possibilities for additional exercises like critical-thinking techniques using vocabulary drills associated with pictures on the card. Also aid's beginners via multiple smaller group sessions improving their visual matching skills within an enjoyable context. A fun ending note could be providing these sets as surprise gifts!

Digital Delivery & Sustainability:

A neatly packaged 46-page full-color high-quality printable PDF ensures durability across multiple years if laminated. With such longevity paired with your creative touch, this Easter Bingo game entails an enjoyable learning journey waiting just around the corner for you!

What's Included

A 46-page printable PDF

Printed in color

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Easter Bingo Classroom game Vocabulary building Holiday activity

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