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Economics: Inflation Activity

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Grade 9, 10, 11, 12



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About This Product

This resource is an Economics: Inflation Activity.

This product (Google and Traditional version provided) contains 3 separate activities that INTRODUCE your students to inflation, you can use them all or pick and choose. Activities


1) Inflation Graphic Organizer for student notes (definition, causes and effects of inflation) use the classroom textbook or the online resource- link provided- to complete.

2) Causes of Inflation with real-life examples 15 minute video activity (includes link and corresponding worksheet).

3) Student reference sheet on how to calculate the CPI (Consumer Price Index) and Inflation rate with practice activity/worksheet.

Concepts Addressed: Definition of inflation, causes, effects of inflation, the purpose of market baskets and the CPI, how to calculate CPI and the Interest Rate, how inflation has affected different areas of the world during different historical periods.

BONUS: As an extra, I am including an additional video link with corresponding worksheet to a HIGH INTEREST video on the serious inflation crisis in Venezuela.

**A GOOGLE and traditional version provided!

About: Learning is a Passion Store - I have taught 6th-12th grade during my 20 year teaching career. I prefer to use lessons in my teaching practice that allow my students to become facilitators and active participants in their own learning rather than merely an audience of "my show". I love to create hands- on, interactive activities that really engage my students in the learning process.

What's Included

1 PDF with 9 ready to print pages

1 PowerPoint with 9 ready to display slides

Google version

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