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"Eight, Skate and Donate" Math Song

An educational teaching resource from MathDog Media entitled "Eight, Skate and Donate" Math Song downloadable at Teach Simple.
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Grade 3, 4





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About This Product

Eight, Skate and Donate Multiplication Song for Grades 3-4 Engage your students with this lively multiplication music video! Eight, Skate and Donate teaches facts for the 8 times tables through an upbeat song and visual examples. Students will enjoy listening to the catchy lyrics while reinforcing their understanding of multiplying by 8. You can play this 4-minute video when first introducing eights or review it multiple times during a unit on multiplication. With explanations paired with real-world skateboarding clips, it makes a fun addition to any lesson on factors. Use Eight, Skate and Donate to inspire learning and ignite excitement about math in your 3rd or 4th grade classroom or homeschool. This MP4 song is just one of many educational music videos from MathDog Media. Browse similar resources that make learning active with a visit to the MathDog store.

What's Included

A 5 minute MP4 video

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Multiplication Facts Fact Fluency Times Tables Math Song Math Video Multiplication Song Multiplication Video eight and skate

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