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Elect a President: Cooperative Work Activity

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Grade 6, 7, 8, 9



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About This Product

Elect a President: Cooperative Work Activity

An engaging teaching resource best suited for Grades 6-9, designed with a focus on Social Studies subjects, particularly History: USA and Government.

The Concept

This innovative activity introduces students to the fascinating world of elections. It creatively ties in aspects from WWII and leadership dynamics into an interactive learning session. Students work in pairs to assess potential presidential candidates based on defined attributes.

Candidate Profiles

Six anonymous presidential candidates' profiles are outlined – each presented with five positive attributes and one negative trait. These profiles are drawn from historical figures across different timelines, adding an additional layer of intrigue to the learning process.

The Task

  • Through a highly engaging exercise, students need to rank these figures according to who they believe would make ideal presidents based on the listed criteria.
  • This module not only introduces them to election dynamics but also encourages critical thinking around leadership qualities and decision-making capabilities.

A simple click by tutors reveals each candidate's identity—an interesting twist that often surprises students about their primary or last-ranking choices.
Potential Follow-Up Activities
  1. Discuss why certain candidates were selected over others;
  2. Analyze valuable traits according to student pairs;
  3. Delineate upon traits deemed insignificant;
  4. Etc...
The Tools We Provide:

Crafted using Microsoft PowerPoint making it easier for modification by educators as per their needs.

*Can be used as part of whole class instruction, small group sessions or even individual homework assignments.


The Elect a President: Cooperative Work Activity introduces a unique blend of history and government through interactive learning. It serves as an excellent introductory module for lessons on elections, WWII or leadership concepts.

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