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About This Product

Developing emotional intelligence is a critical part of early childhood education. When children can recognize and label emotions, they gain self-awareness and empathy. This vibrant emotions fan set helps teach feeling words through engaging activities.

The 15 illustrated fan pieces each feature a different emotion face and word. Expressions like happy, sad, angry, surprised, and more build children's emotional vocabulary. Educators can prompt conversations about when we feel certain ways and how our faces show it. Recognizing facial cues to identify feelings teaches valuable social-emotional skills.

These fans support self-awareness as children learn to articulate their own emotions rather than acting out. The visuals also help nonverbal students express feelings. Children can use the fans to communicate how they are feeling throughout the day. Beyond self-understanding, recognizing others' emotions fosters supportive relationships.

With colorful cartoons and essential feeling words, these fans turn emotional learning into interactive games. Children will delight in matching faces and words while gaining the vocabulary to express themselves. Self-regulation and friendship skills stem from an ability to read and discuss emotions. This engaging resource brings those critical lessons to life in a child-friendly way.

These fans contain 15 pieces which include the emotions: happy, sad, scared, calm, worried, excited, furious, annoyed, disappointed, miserable, confused, poorly, angry, tired and embarrassed.

Clipart images courtesy of Hidesy’s Clipart.

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