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Energy Of Motion Mini Unit - PPT, Lesson Plans, Printables and Test

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Basic Science


Grade 4, 5, 6

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About This Product

Energy Of Motion Mini Unit - PPT, Lesson Plans, Printables and Test is the perfect teaching resource aimed specifically for educators. It fits seamlessly in both public school and homeschooling settings for Grades 4 to 6 Science classrooms. This all-inclusive unit makes understanding the complicated world of energy pertaining to motion live and exciting. The heart of this unit delves into key concepts surrounding:
  • Mechanical Energy,
  • Potential Energy,
  • Kinetic Energy and more.
This exploration also tackles subjects like energy transfer and mass related to kinetic energy. The lessons connect theory with real-world context - bringing the classroom to life with examples such as amusement park rides! Included in this unit are:
  1. Two lesson plans.
  2. The first lesson uses an interactive whiteboard learning map in sync with a lively Power Point presentation. By mapping out their learnings, students get a visual representation of their progress.

    In contrast, lesson two offers a hands-on lab activity where students can create their own roller coaster models. A fantastic way to teach potential energy and kinetic energy applications!

    For those who may not have time for this lab experiment we offer five alternative worksheets as an inclusive solution based on your unique classroom needs or environment.
  3. An animated Power Point presentation boasting 30 slides introducing each subject systematically using fitting clipart visuals making it relatable for all types of learners -- plus seven-question quiz at the end equipped with immediate feedback capabilities helping revise learned concepts effectively..
  4. A twelve-question test allowing teachers evaluate comprehension after exposure to course material.
In conclusion, Our comprehensive Energy Of Motion Mini Unit - PPT, Lesson Plans , Printables And Test uniquely combines academic teaching with loads of entertainment and joy. It's an ideal choice for any educator wishing to create a captivating learning atmosphere for physical science in their Grade 4, Grade 5, and Grade 6 classrooms.

What's Included

Included in this mini-unit:

- Two Lesson Plans -

30 slide animated power point

*************PLUS 10 more printable pages or worksheets including:*************

- Lesson Summarizer (writing prompt): How can we describe the energy of motion?

- Student Learning Map / Interactive Notebook note-taker for use during the powerpoint

- Potential and Kinetic Energy – read, think and diagram worksheet

- Kinetic Energy – Which is Greater? – comparison and critical thinking response worksheet

- The Energy of Motion – reading comprehension worksheet

- Potential Energy – Critical Thinking Response Activity

- The Energy of Motion Diagram – cut and paste vocabulary terms and single response question

- Potential and Kinetic Energy model and observe science lab activity (pipe tubing and marbles required for this activity)

- Unit Assessment - two page, thirteen question assessment with fill in the blank, true false, multiple choice and a short answer question.

Your students will love the brilliant animations in the colorful power point with custom amusement park themed clipart and the learning activities they will find in this two lesson mini-unit. This has been made for your classroom by an experience 4th-5th grade science teacher and my students loved this unit! They will learn a lot from the printable pages and you will have plenty of grading opportunities from this product as well, whether it is from one of the reading comprehension worksheets, activities, or the twelve question summative assessment. I know you and your students will love this two lesson mini-unit, I guarantee it!

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