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English months, days, and seasons game - I have...Who has?

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About This Product

The English months, days, and seasons game - I have...Who has?

This is a unique educational resource aimed at enhancing students' understanding and recognition of the months, days, and seasons in the English language. It offers an easy-to-use learning tool ideal for students between 1st to 8th grade.

What's Included?

The resource includes a total of 27 cards that can either be handled by individual students or shared among pairs depending on your class size or group. To make them last longer, you could consider printing and laminating these cards for reuse.

How Does It Work?

The principle behind this game is simple but effective. The journey starts with a card marked 'I'll start the game'. A typical example would be something like 'I have May,' followed by 'Who has Autumn?' The student who has the 'Autumn' card responds appropriately by throwing in their own question like ‘Who has Thursday?’ This back-and-forth continues until all cards are used up, ending with the statement ‘The Game is over!’

  • Note: For more engaging sessions, divide your class under two teams each armed with a set of these cards. Make it competitive; whoever finishes first wins!

Where Can It Be Used?

This game isn't confined only to ESL (English as Second Language) classrooms; it fits right into any environment where English is the main spoken language – making it universal! Encourage discussions among learners both within diverse classroom settings or homeschooling environments.

Life made simple with essential knowledge just one card away!.

What's Included


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