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Equivalent Ratios Digital Self-Checking Activity (12)

Equivalent Ratios Digital Self-Checking Activity (12)
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Grade 7



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About This Product

Equivalent Ratios Digital Self-Checking Activity (12)

Transition the teaching of equivalent ratios to an exciting and informative digital platform with this Equivalent Ratios Digital Self-Checking Activity (12). Specifically designed for Grade 7 Mathematics, it focuses on applying learning principles while centering on Fractions, a core aspect of math.

The Activity

This engaging, self-checking Google Sheets activity consists of 12 questions that spark students' interest in mathematics. This innovative approach provides a fresh way for students to interact with ratios. The reward? They will gradually reveal a scrambled picture as they complete each question; this enhances their experience while promoting an understanding of equivalent ratios.

Incorporation and Implementation

  • The activity can be incorporated into teaching through Whole Group Instruction or Small Groups.
  • It can function as interactive homework or form part of rotational station activities.
  • You could also use it for morning work, bell ringer assignments or lesson check assessments for equivalent ratio concepts comprehension, etc.

Note: One dynamic feature is that correctly answered questions turn green and incorrect ones turn red providing immediate feedback. This helps students identify areas they struggle with without waiting for teacher-led correction sessions!

No-prep Resource

This is truly a no-prep resource! Distribute via Google Classroom or other Learning Management Systems once added to your Google Drive. It’s ready-to-go anytime!

  1. A Student Recording Sheet that aids learners in illustrating their problem-solving process fostering procedural understanding.
  2. A Teacher Answer Key so you won't have trouble finding accurate responses during review sessions.

    All these components make this resource ideal for educators who promote conceptual and procedural understanding in numbers-related contexts such as fractions. Bring this Equivalent Ratios Digital Self-Checking Activity (12) into your classroom or at home!

    Leverage technology in your teaching strategy, enhance you learners' equivalent ratios understanding, and inspire intellectual curiosity within them with this stimulating digital self-checking activity.

    What's Included

    ➡️ Here's what’s included:

    12 Equivalent Ratios Problems in Google Sheets to save you time

    Student Recording Sheet so that students show their process

    Teacher Answer Key to save you time

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