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ESL Reading Comprehension Worksheet - EFL Activity on Books

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Grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12





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ESL Reading Comprehension Worksheet - EFL Activity on Books

This Fantastic ESL-EFL-TESOL Reading Comprehension + Writing Activity Worksheet on Reading Books and the Benefits of Reading across different Genres (3 PDF Printable Slides) is great to train Language skills in English. Ideal participants for this ESL Activity are English Foreign Students at High School (7th-12th Grade). Newcomers or any English Language Learner can be more than suitable for this ESL EFL TESOL Activity! This Product can also be Great for ESL Centers Abroad or any English second language tutor.

This ESL Reading Comprehension Activity (Worksheet; 3 PDF Printable slides) can be great for intermediate-advanced English as a Second Language Learners.

This Stimulating and Amazing ESL Reading Comprehension Activity Worksheet (3 Slides; PDF Printable Teaching Resource) includes:

  • a text on "Reading Books and the Benefits of Reading across different Genres" (Artificial Intelligence-generated text with prompts from magazines such as the National Geographic; edited by me)

  • 8 Text-related Questions (with space for answers)

  • 2 Essay Prompts (Your favourite literary genres + your reading books history; your reading habits once and nowadays)

This ESL, EFL, TESOL, TEFL PDF Teaching Resource (Worksheet Reading Comprehension Activity 3 Printable Slides) can be great for Intermediate Advanced English as a second or foreign language learners. Its aim is to make students exercise and/or improve their Reading Comprehesion and Writing English as a second language Skills.

ESL with Alan is a Brand New ESL, EFL, TESOL Store whose aim is to help English as a Second or foreign Language Teachers, Educators and Tutors (be it online or offline) to achieve their teaching objectives while creating a fun and stimulating environment. Never Forget! Learning is fun, So should English! Always

If you want to browse more of my PDF ESL, EFL, TESOL Teaching Resources, click here Learning with Alan!

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