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Exit ticket for Addition and Subtraction to 100

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Grade 2



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About This Product

Exit Ticket for Addition and Subtraction to 100

Designed for Grade 2 educators, this resource is an ideal teaching tool targeted towards the enhancement of mathematics skills in students. The title, "Exit Tickets for Addition and Subtraction to 100" perfectly outlines its purpose - a quick yet powerful assessment medium to gauge a student's grasp on math concepts.

The exit tickets are designed with simplicity yet steadfast efficiency in mind, offering direct insight into each student's understanding after every lesson. Furthermore, these tickets can be used daily to relay immediate feedback about individual performances. The information gathered through these evaluations also simplifies the process where teachers can adapt their instructional strategies based on specific learner needs in real-time.

Offering a rich variety of evaluation formats makes this product more adaptable. These exit tickets come in seven distinct groups featuring three unique assessments each:

  • Addition without regrouping

  • Addition with regrouping

  • Subtraction without regrouping,

  • Subtraction with regrouping,

  • Mixed operations both with and without regrouping

  • Missing addends problems.

In total there are twenty-one different exit ticket configurations available for use. This expansive range caters not only to the varied cognitive capacities between students but also addresses different methods that may be employed while solving mathematics problems per NBT standards - specifically adding and subtracting within 100 using multiple tactics or strategies.

Further enhancing the usefulness of this product is its digital format as referenced by file type - PDF (portable document format). Teachers can easily distribute these assessments anytime referenced online materials cannot be utilized due to various reasons such as limited internet access or other technical issues during scheduled lesson times.

Compatible complements you might consider alongside include resources like "3 Digit Addition and Subtraction BUNDLE, Monster Math Mash, or even 'Make a Ten Subtraction Strategies." Notably so that this resource provides relatability achieved through personable touchpoints while retaining academic rigor eliminating the risk of diluting learning objectives mapped out within any academic calendar.

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