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Fall Poetry Flip Book Distance Learning

Fall Poetry Flip Book Distance Learning
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Grade 5, 6, 7, 8



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About This Product

Fall Poetry Flip Book Distance Learning Material

The Fall Poetry Flip Book Distance Learning material provides an engaging method for students to write creatively about fall. Hosted on Google Classroom, this resource improves students' creative writing skills, visual imagery capabilities, and expression techniques through various forms of poetry.

Centered around the unique allure of fall and Thanksgiving, it covers six varied captivating poetry types:

  • Sound Poetry
  • Concrete Poems
  • Cinquains
  • Two-Sided Poems
  • Acrostics
  • Clerihew

In addition to exploring different poetic forms, it also offers a detailed exploration of literary devices like Alliteration, Assonance,, Onomatopoeia,, as well as Simmiles Metaphors, and Personification.

Ideal for Grades 5 - 8 and Multiple Subjects

This resource is suited for learners in grades 5 to 8. Plus, its versatility allows educators to incorporate the poetry flipbook into other holidays such as Halloween or Thanksgiving Day activities.

Digital & Print Versions with Toolbox Tips Included...

The Fall Poetry Flip Book includes colored versions for digital engagement and print-friendly PDF pages aligning with your preferred teaching methods. Educators are further supported with Toolbox tips that inspire innovative teaching approaches.

Inspiring Creativity – Blank Covers!

To stimulate student creativity even more there are blank flip book cover pages where students can use their artistic abilities by creating or colouring their own covers!

Interactive Learning Ensured with Google Drive Version...

A linked Google Drive digital version is bundled for directly assigning or sharing, ensuring that there are no barriers to continued individual or group learning, whether at home or in class.

Limitless Possibilities!

Possible activities include whole group discussions generating creative ideas for poems, homework assignments refining language skills, examining each type of poem individually, and conducting small group review sessions after each form has been studied. Whatever your teaching style may be the Fall Poetry Flip Book Distance Learning resource remains an effective fixture; boosting student engagement and nurturing their creativity.

What's Included

- colored version & print-friendly PDF pages

- teacher tips/suggestions

- blank flipbook cover pages your students can create their own/color

- Google Drive digital version to either assign or send links to students

- great for centers, partner work, fall break activities, etc...

Resource Tags

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